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With north india’s major cities & locations across the North India, Lakshya Tours offers the consumer the same selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at a significant discount from the larger rental operators in the market. As the 21st century traveler becomes more discerning and cost-conscious, the Lakshya Tours brand will continue to gain acceptance and a loyal following, founded on the principle of consistently offering value and superior service to the customer.

India is one among the world’s multidimensional places that is worth visiting for leisure. Host to around a billion populations, India has a brilliant past replete with architectural edifices, forts and monuments. The shimmering backwaters of southern India, lip smacking north Indian cuisine and the Rajputana heritage can add to the fun of your India travel.

Festivals, folk dance and ethnic ceremonies remain India’s greatest draws. States like Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are blessed with serene beaches while Taj Mahal , Khajuraho and Ajanta Ellora highlight their individual architectural glory. Experience the metropolitan culture during your Indian Holiday in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

A team of our skilled and dedicated employees leaves no stone unturned to provide you with the best of services. we have excelled in corporate as well as leisure travels over the years.